The Real Heroes

    The real heroes anyway aren’t the people doing things; the real heroes are the people noticing things”- John Green Yeah that’s it. I don’t need supermen with super powers; I don’t need transporters, high-flyers, mind readers nor, as much as it sounds cool, wolverines. I want someone by my side who knows me from my eyes. Someone who with a glance reads the worlds within me, Someone who instead of showing off to the world, clowns for a laughter, that’s the true hero.

    He who focuses on the really small details that might appear unarmored by any significant effect, my hero is someone who the touch of his finger tip drills into layers of your skin and melts the bones beneath it. The real hero is the one who moves picks up small pieces of shattered glasses, collects them to make up a huge mosaic of wonders. Yes, it happens and I believe in that. By moving small stones one by one, you can move a whole mountain. The real heroes are the ones who care.

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