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Most frequent questions and answers

It all depends on the clients but other wise there many platforms i am familiar with…

When I transfer ownership of your new website over to you, I also give you the rights to the intellectual property. You own everything.

Money is personal and I know investment decisions can be difficult. I run a small business, too!

I’d ask: what if you could get new clients faster and actually make back your investment within a few months?

Each month that goes by without new clients is another month your business isn’t growing. Doing the same things that aren’t getting you results is more expensive than taking action and fixing your website.

Do you have a strong message? A clear niche? Great packages that get results for your clients?

If you answered “yes” to all three questions, you are ready.

Need a little extra help getting there? My packages include mini strategy workshoping and I’d love to help.

Here’s what my clients love about working with me.

  • They always know what I’m working on.
  • They can rely on me to respond within 1 business day.
  • They feel empowered to take control of their websites.
  • They know I’m committed to helping their businesses succeed.

Absolutely! The pricing guide includes details about my payment plan and refund policy. You can download it here.

When I transfer ownership of your new website over to you, I also give you the rights to the intellectual property. You own everything.

Yes, I’d love to continue working with you!

At the end of the web design project, we can discuss how I can continue to support your business so you can stay in your zone of geniu, working with your clients.

I live in Turkey. This puts me in the same time zone as the surrounding countries!

But don’t worry about time zones. I work with clients from all over the world.

My calendar is open for May and June 2020 and I’m excited to hear from you.

Shaping the future

With My skill sets, i strongly believe together we can accomplish a lot in short time!


Start Getting Better Web & Mobile Traffic Today. Be seen by customers while they're browsing the web. If your goal is to bring in more website visitors or improve online sales, we can help!


Tear down the creative barriers that come with traditional advertising, let me help!

Dev System

i will help you with a team of mine to develop you a system or an app of your choice. Use a full suite of precise targeting features to reach your market of choice