Is mY side hustle #AmazingDave

join the trip of a lifetime


As a photographer the hustle never stops, we keep the movement even at night, how about you check out these dope photos of my nights in Turkey.

my environment

If you are my close friend then you know how the hustle can pull up to do some crazy shit. check out my crazy moments

My store

If you love photography then you would love to Check out my store may be you would grab something this evening...

where i ate & drink

If you love food, then i got you lol, tips and places where to get good quality food this evening check them out.

full story in images

Blogging has taken me by storm recently thus i use my own photo to express my feelings and my friends, check out my photo blogs where i detail my images.


I would love to say that this is my side hustle, my commercialized photos are earning me something at least we can enable to buy water.

buddies recommending me

Dave k, is Very professional work. We worked together and got the job done in the quickest time possible. Whatever you don’t want, Dave is there to listen make adjustments to your taste. Totally recommend him.
Alinda Amon
Dave K; a distinct character full of enthusiasm and creativity. He’s hardworking capable of working alone or in groups. With a leader instinct and problem solving mindset, Dave is a social friend you’d want to share ideas with and obtain advise from.
Bradley Morris