The Real Heroes

“The real heroes anyway aren’t the people doing things; the real heroes are the people noticing things”- John Green Yeah that’s it. I don’t need supermen with super powers; I don’t need transporters, high flyers, mind readers nor, as much as it sounds cool, wolverines. I want someone by my side who knows me from my eyes. Someone who with a glance reads the worlds within me, Someone who instead… Read More »The Real Heroes

The Ashes of Love

It was a very weird feeling, she was crying tears gushing down her eyes, telling me about her loss. I came out from the mosque that evening. the weather was cold and humid. the taste of the salt of the sea was in the air. the shadow of the minaret was covering the yard of the mosque. under the shadow I saw that grey haired woman silently standing, asking for… Read More »The Ashes of Love

Always deliver more than expected

They’ve told me to look for myself and I listened. I looked far away across everything; rivers, trees, roads, people, birds, pets and all sorts of living and non-living stuff. But, what they forgot to tell me was to look inside myself. When I changed the direction from and decided to look inside my own, I discovered that the binocular I used to look a far was is far more… Read More »Always deliver more than expected