more about

as a web

& graphic designer

You help your clients get what they really deserve for their business to grow.

I became a web & graphic designer to help people like you do more of that. So let’s go get you some clients thus grow your small business!

Let's just say it:

You’re getting your clients
some pretty amazing results.

You’re smart. You get shit done.

So — why isn’t anyone booking a sales call?


You made a real freakin
website yourself.

It took hours upon hours of YouTube and far too many weekends, but you figured this out and you are proud.

But you’re also feeling:

  • Overwhelmed with tech issues
  • Disappointed that no one’s signing up for your newsletter
  • Anxious because your calendar’s so empty

Websites Are Hard When You’re Trying To Do It All On Your Own.

I see it all the time with my clients.

Most have struggled through hours of tech tutorials. Some even have horror stories about freelancers who ghosted on them (after they paid thousands of dollars in deposit fees).

They’ve taken marketing advice that isn’t relevant to their business and ended up with websites that don’t get results.

What I see way too often is health coaches getting to this point and just giving up.

They convince themselves that no one’s buying because they aren’t qualified enough. They feel like failures and decide this online business thing isn’t going to work. They give up and let their domain expire.


i'm dave

I am a web & graphic designer thus create websites for people like you so you can focus on getting your clients happier thus big money.
I have developed skills in software engineering, computer forensics, networking, Graphic design and information security.  This knowledge has enabled me to operate in different fields and master multiple security principles.
I not only develop websites, I develop secured Mobile (iOS & Android) and Desktop applications that run pretty fast and efficiently. I have helped my clients…
  • Attracts more leads
  • Sign new clients.
  • Increase their prices.
I can help you, too.

When I Take Any Project, I use the perfect
combination of my skills and experience.

web design

I started coding websites way back then when i was still in high school, due to the love of being a graphic designer in future.

Graphic design

i have been a graphic designer before i was even born, i took an art course due to the love of nature everything, i see everything connected in art form,


From door to door marketing way back in high school , to being a social media expert I’ve learned to sell for all sorts of businesses so i am an entrepreneur.


I am always after something founded a tech startup with some awesome friends while studying for my degree in computer engineering.


i love capturing moments for the future use always, that feeling when you hit a memory box feels awesome...


I earn a living explaining complex ideas in simple words to some of the smartest people in tech.

How I’m different

i care about my youth and i would want to see them succeed.

I’m committed to helping your business grow because health coaches have changed my life. I believe you can change the world and I want to help you make it happen.

I’m committed to diversity

I’ve been shaped by multiple cultural influences and lived my entire life as a foreigner. I know what it feels like to feel out of place everywhere.


I’m passionate about creating spaces where everyone feels like they belong and I’m here to help you speak to diverse audiences.

Things My Friends

know about me...

I am Known by the acronym Dave K, a young spirited boy, born and raised in the heart of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda,  working and staying In Turkey. Pursed my degree in Computer Engineer from Dokuz Eylul University – Turkey.

Not only being an entrepreneur or a businessman, photography has been taking me by storm…

I spend a lot of time reorganizing shelves and editing videos| photos while listening to my favorite music I also love to paint.

My idea of luxury is always having peace around me, lazy mornings by the pool, and seeing more of the world help each year.

i will make
sure your website...

  1. Starts with a bang and makes a strong first impression.
  2. Demonstrates your expertise and builds instant trust.
  3. Shows your new client a clear path to working with you.
  4. Inspires them to take action and buy from you.

Find out more about working with me.


More than anything, I want to see you with a website that gets you results. If you’re ready, I’d love to build it for you.