looking for myself

    They’ve told me to look for myself and I listened. I looked far away across everything; rivers, trees, roads, people, birds, pets and all sorts of living and non-living stuff. But, what they forgot to tell me was to look inside myself. When I changed the direction from and decided to look inside my own, I discovered that the binocular I used to look a far was is far more important to look inside myself with, than outside.

    I realized that I’m deep and whole. I need to know my own value. I need a microscopic gaze and a whole life time to search study and scrutinize. The journey inward is a lot more interesting than the one outside. I found that sometimes being an introvert is the most exciting thing to be, like the clouds. The clouds are the most introvert structure in the atmosphere.

    They look calm and shiny but suddenly in a moment of mixed feelings, they explode and fill the place with their raging emotions. The most devastating word is the word “they”… these mystical creatures in theory, does everything right and tells the surrounding to be the same.

    “They” is a monster that overtook our lives. So everyone is seeking the judgment and complements of “they”. He who doesn’t go by the set of rules defined by “they” is destined to be out casted from the surrounding.

    That’s why I despise “they”. I hate indoctrination and dogmatic actions. That’s why I’m looking into a future with unaffected by “they”. I’m looking into the days that we are sitting on the realms of our reality and set to send “they” into exile and eventually oblivion. In order for me\us to live freely, “they” must step back and down.

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