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Who is DAVE K ?

Known by the acronym Dave K, David Smith Kafuko is a young spirited boy, born and raised in the heart of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda,  Studying and staying In Turkey. Pursued his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineer.

Presently, pursuing a master’s Degree in Computer Engineering from Dokuz Eylul University – Turkey.

I have developed skills in software engineering, computer forensics, networking and information security.  This knowledge has enabled me to operate in different fields and master multiple security principles.

I got quite a number of hobbies though blogging, especially vlogging is taking me by storm… I love blogging and as a blogger, I think it’s really easy to fall in and out of love with your blog all the time. It’s so easy to criticise yourself, your content, your photography and so on.

Recently, I have seriously fallen back in love with blogging after a very good number of years thus decided to start up a plat form to promote people like me out there. it is time to bring back those outfit posts, travel posts  Inspiration posts, funny posts and all that jazz… with the help of a group of friends like you!

With my skill sets, I can not disappoint you in the following fields of work.

Photography enables me to show other people how I see things...


videography enables me to show other people how I could capture their moments...

Graphic Designs

Design is in everything i make, but it’s also between those things; it’s a mix of craft, science, storytelling, propaganda and philosophy.

App Development

I can develop website applications and mobile applications like Androids.

Why Work with me?

I understand your requirement and provide quality works.

With my skill sets, I can not disappoint you in these fields of my work.


I always make sure to finish my work with my clients on a specific given period  of time.


There is a great repute from people i have been working with thus my clients over the past 8 years of my work. 


I always help on promoting my clients business thus win-win for both sides resulting to growth.


Due to the available Technologies and a good relation with my clients, i make sure to revise through my work thoroughly before deliverance. 

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I understand your requirement and i provide quality works.
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